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Dubai World Entertainment

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We are here to promote, secure and protect independent artists by working together to grow artistic platforms. We partner with musicians at all levels and assist them in getting more business opportunities by utilising our data-driven music marketing.

We source placements for musicians in order to reach an audience, gather unique data and demographics, form a target audience of similar fans to market to on all social media platforms, and that creates more business opportunities..

Dubai World Entertainment helps artists at any stage of their career–whether they are releasing their very first single, trying to negotiate a sought-after record deal or they just need more exposure for their career.

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What We Do

Music Publicist Services

We have assisted many artists in taking their career to the next level. We will help you focus on your music while we help you reshape and protect protect your brand as well build leverage for you. Our gaol is to help drive in the attention you need and solidify your brand in all areas.

Content Management and Major Blog Sponsorship

When a new music is released, there is need for an audience. As an artist, you need to be in the mix with top artists who are in the exact position in which you are looking to be. We will help position you in that mix strategically by getting you placed on the front pages on some of the the biggest blogs around the world – as in Blogs that average millions of  viewers or more weekly! Your new music will be featured on some of the biggest blogs worldwide in order to bring global awareness to your brand.

Tour Planning and Management

Once our clients reach a point of success online it’s time we take them global and bring them directly in front of their biggest fans. We will help arrange, manage and set up your tours by booking your venues, transportation, Hotel stay, and more to ensure everything runs smoothly from start to finish. We will also help you organise your tour activities from video, social media content to pictures and everything in between, so that you can post quality content daily.

Influencer Marketing and Promotions

This is one of the perfect methods for connecting with the right target demographic for your career. We work with influencers and musicians across major social media platforms including Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and even FaceBook, and we can use those connections to help you reach your fans where they spend most of their time.