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Dubai Security Services

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Dubai Security is a complete security services company that operates in strategic partnership with clients that are seeking a customized response to their security needs.

We all seek to feel safe anywhere, be it at home, at place of work, commercial buildings, university, hospital, or even a remote site, and the list goes on and on.

Nowadays, getting the right level of security can be complex and demanding, involving many legal requirements, constraints and challenges: but with our level of knowledge, experiences, our focus on innovations and our continuous desire for self-improvement, Dubai Security is your best choice when looking for a dedicated security partner that’s committed to exceeding your expectations.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the finest security services and products that enable them to operate their businesses with minimal effort. We also make a very strong commitment to our people..

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  • PR Visa – Skill Migration
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What We Do

Security Guard Services

Our security officers are everywhere a safer, friendlier place. Our team possess  the specific mix of skills and attributes needed for each position, so you can feel confident knowing you’re getting the best company for the job.

Loss Prevention

Let’s help protect your bottom line by preventing illegal activities. We provide one of  the most effective loss prevention security services in the industry by helping you avoid company losses caused by theft, fraud, vandalism, abuse, and misconduct.

Traffic and Crowd Management

Dubai Security Services  team will develop a flow system to keep traffic moving and people safe. In our experience, we have managed thousands of daily visitors and hundreds of yearly events.

Event Security Services

Our event security team will keep your guests and staff safe, reduce damage to the venue, ensure compliance with liquor licenses, prevent intruders, and maintain timely and orderly access to the property.

CCTV and Electronic System Services

Specially Trained, experienced and vigilant, Dubai Services Security system operation division will operate CCTV systems to deliver to our clients a high monitored environment with immediate alerts and actions.